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The kitchen is working fantastic.  I was worried it was too big as I was exhausted the day I set it up.  Thought maybe it was too long.  But, now we are working in it, it’s fabulous!  We have also turned into the Sunday lunch venue for (on average) 15-20 of my family each week.  So, it is ideal for that.  So great to live in!


C Carr

Quotation Process
Consultant Appointment

Designers are available for consultations at our showroom during business hours, Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.00.  However, we do recommend that you make an appointment to see your preferred designer.  For your convenience, they are also able to visit your home or work from house plans.

Kitchen Style and Budget

Talk with your designer and advise them of your preferred style choice.  It is important for them to know your preferences and approximate budget.
Arrange your second consultation

Preliminary drawings will be completed from your first brief and from there your final design will be formulated.  On your second consultation you can finalize the plan for quotation.

Quotation Presentation

Kitchen Designz drawing software is linked to a computerised quotation system.  It works using actual material and hardware usage, enabling us to create very accurate and consistent quotations.  We like to present our quotations face to face and a further consultation can be scheduled to discuss the quote with your designer.

Manufacturing Process

Once you have accepted the Kitchen Designz quote you will need to contact your designer to complete a specification sheet.  This will record all the information pertaining to the cabinetry and bench top materials and colours you have selected, plus handles and appliance details.  We will also require a deposit to confirm your commitment to the process of building your kitchen.
Site Measure

A member of the Kitchen Designz team will make an appointment to visit your house, to take accurate measurements so we can guarantee that the cabinetry will fit the space allocated.


Once your consultant has collated all relevant information, your job gets handed to the detailing team.  They will check the drawings and make them suitable for manufacture and order all the materials required for your job.

Job Optimisation

A second member of the detailing team will double check the job, optimise all materials and send the files to the CNC machines.  Having a second member checking is another safeguard against mistakes.


Your cabinetry is now into the manufacturing process.  Firstly, your kitchen will be cut and edge-taped in our machining workshop.  Then, the panels are moved to the assembly workshop and built, ready for the scheduled delivery date.

The cabinetry will be delivered in a Kitchen Designz van or truck on the day required.  We prefer to deliver our own cabinetry, to allow us to stay in control, and avoid any damage.


The date for installation will be scheduled around many different aspects.  The various trades’ people will need to be organised by either yourself, or our production co-ordinator, so that all services are ready at the right time.  The Kitchen Designz installer will then proceed with the installation until your job has been finished.  This may take 1 or 2 days depending on the size of the job.


The Kitchen Designz consultant that worked with you in the beginning of the process will be in contact with you to confirm you are happy with your completed job.