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The kitchen is working fantastic.  I was worried it was too big as I was exhausted the day I set it up.  Thought maybe it was too long.  But, now we are working in it, it’s fabulous!  We have also turned into the Sunday lunch venue for (on average) 15-20 of my family each week.  So, it is ideal for that.  So great to live in!


C Carr

History and Reputation

The company of Kitchen Designz enter their second decade of success under the same directors, Dan and Gill Holmes.  Both remain within the company and they see Kitchen Designz’ continued growth as the best way of securing their staff’s future for the years ahead.


Technology has seen many changes within the cabinetry industry over the past twenty years and Kitchen Designz has been the first to implement some of these.  In 1993 they were among the first in New Zealand to add cad software packages for the design of kitchens and from there, to produce cutting lists for the production factory.  Ten years later, the “NZ Joiners” magazine was writing a feature on how Kitchen Designz had led the joinery industry into a new form of production.  Though now copied by many of the main players in the kitchen industry, not all are able to offer all the advantages that can be obtained.  Some kitchen companies now purchase their product from Kitchen Designz.


With the current latest computer systems, all facets of the company are monitored constantly. Systems are designed and improvements put in place quickly.  All this takes place to ensure that our clients return, because they have received a great product, on time and at a reasonable price.